Amazing Facts about Dogs

5 Amazing Facts About Dogs You Probably Didn’t Know!

If you are reading this blog we are sure dogs interest you, but how well do you know them? Here are a few interesting facts about dogs that will help you know them better. Go on, work up your knowledge!


Dogs can dream

Sleeping Dog

Have you ever noticed a sleeping dog? If yes, then you have also noticed that many a time it barks or show some physical activity like playing, running or fighting while sleeping.
This is because Dog do dream like their Hoomans!
Talking about Science! Many researches and studies on dog’s psychology claim that dogs share similar sleeping patterns as humans. Also, while they are sleeping, their brain activity resembles that of an asleep human’s brain. Interesting Right??
Not only this, but Researchers also believe that dogs commonly have happy dreams. And in these dreams, they indulge in many activities such as playing, chasing an animal or simply running around.
We bet you didn’t know this fun-fact!!

As smart as a Toddler

Dogs and Toddlers

Dogs are usually smarter than people tend to give them credit for.
Surprisingly enough, they have a capacity to learn how to count and understand around 150 words. WOW!!
But this is not all! One of the lesser-known facts about dogs is that they have intelligence and understanding on a par with a human toddler who is about two years old.
Dogs are also capable of devising tricks to play on people and other animals.

Did you know this one?

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Thriving on Love and Discipline

Loving dogs

Showering love and affection is an important aspect of raising happy dogs. But, they also need a healthy balance of attention and discipline to feel secure, safe, and happy.
Just like a human baby, they need to understand the early stages about the acceptable and non-acceptable behaviour. Something that they will follow in their later years as well.
Maintaining a balance is the key to good parenting!

More to Tail Wagging

Dog Wagging Tail

It is believed that a wagging tail is an indicator of a happy and friendly mood of the pooch. However, it might be more complicated than you think as this fact is applicable when dogs are wagging their tail to the right. A tail wagging to the left is an indication of fear. Low tail wags mean nervousness, and rapid tail wags mixed with tense muscles can be a sign of aggression.
Notice and act accordingly!

Sounds of Joy and Pain

Hearing dog

Have you ever wondered why these four paws understand our moods so well? The answer is here-
This is the reason why dogs are able to understand the differences in human vocal intonations and the meanings behind them. Thus, when your voice reflects a certain emotion at a point of time, you know that dogs understands you.
Now that you know these amazing facts about dogs, we are sure you will agree to the fact how unique are these beings, right?
So, if you wish to welcome one of these four-legged companions in your lives, we wish you…
Happy Parenting!


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