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5 Super Easy Steps For Choosing The Best Chew Toy For Your Dog

When you catch your dog innocently gnawing on your favourite sneakers, it may seem like he’d happily chew on just about anything, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. While dogs aren’t particularly selective about the subject of their chewing, there are significant factors which contribute to how beneficial chewing that object might be for the dog – meaning, chewing is highly beneficial for dogs! It strengthens their jaw muscles, clean teeth as well as gums, leading to much better oral hygiene but only if they have the right toy to chew on. So, follow these simple guidelines to choose the perfect chew toy for your dog.


Consider the size

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Every dog is different. All breeds are largely categorized as the toy, small, medium large and extra-large. It is important to buy a toy in proportion with the size of the dog because if the toy ends up being too small, it poses a choking hazard and if it’s too big, the dog will be unable to comfortably chew on it as his or her jaw won’t be big enough for the task. Look for chew toys which come with small, medium and large labels and then choose the one most appropriate for your dog.



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Consider the material

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If your dog is more aggressive and is prone to ripping apart anything that comes near its muzzle, go for toys which are firm and relatively durable. These could range from tennis balls to firm rubber toys – basically anything that can’t be torn to shreds. If your dog is slightly gentler though and prefers simply chewing over destroying, go for softer toys such as cloth chews. If you aren’t sure of your dog’s chewing style, go for a rope toy. They’re neutral, durable, natural and fun!

Keep Hygiene in mind-

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Let’s face it – no one wants a dirty toy trailing through their home. Hence, it’s important to consider washability when buying toys for your dog. You should essentially buy something that can be cleaned with a quick rinse or can be easily tossed into the washing machine for optimum efficiency.

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Entertainment Value

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While each dog has different preferences, it’s important to buy a toy he won’t immediately get bored of. Toys that make noise through things like bells are a hot favourite. Wind-up toys which move aren’t just for cats either. Flavoured toys or chew treats are also successful in keeping pets occupied for hours. You could even make a regular toy interesting by playing fetch and other games with it.


Pay attention to the coating

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When buying toys with a flavour coating, it is important to consider the toxicity of the coating. A synthetic coating may smell great to your dog but can cause digestive problems in the short run as well as more complex health problems in the long run.


At the end of the day, we adore our pets and want what’s best for them – and figuring that we can be a little complicated at times. So, even though your dog will probably love you unconditionally, regardless – go ahead, buy your puppy the perfect chew toy – they deserve it!

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