Cat Person

9 Signs That Show You Are A Cat Person By Heart

Is your phone gallery full of your cat’s pictures? Is your cat the primary subject in most of your conversations? Do you own tons of cutesy cat stuff?

Wait, there’s more! Read these 9 signs to know where do you fall on the cat person scale.



Cat hair, no problem!

Cat Hairs

Shedding is a natural phenomenon. If you own a cat you will find their hair on your bed, sofa, floors and almost everywhere your cat ventures. But you don’t find it unpleasant or gross, they are your cat’s hair after all!


Your cat is your closest companion

Loving Cats

Be it shopping, a stroll outside, a drive or a vacation, the first name that comes to your mind is your cat’s. Not to forget, your search history might also have pet-friendly restaurants or hotels, because why not! You seek every single opportunity to spend time with them.


Cat videos in your YouTube history

Cat Videos

Your leisure time has its own definition- surfing cat videos, pictures, stories, and memes is your idea of fun. And of course, you cannot stop your emotions from overflowing when you see these cutesy beings.


Your friends send you ‘feline’ themed blessings/gifts

Cat Themed Gifts

Products with kitty-based imprints are your favourites. Be it your mug, laptop skin, phone cover or even your tee. Because cuteness should rule your world, right? 😀


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Your bed/sitting space is compromised because your cat has all the privileges

Sleeping Cats

You don’t mind if your cat finds a cosy abode on your bed or your sofa where you are sitting and you have to compromise because of them. After all, as long as you have a great company, there’s no point in complaining.


Their shopping before yours

Cat products

Cat lovers tend to take their cat’s needs a notch more seriously than their own. You spend hours in searching for products for your cat including food, toys, bedding, treats, clothes and more- every possible thing that will make sure that your kitty is healthy and happy, which in turn makes you happy!

On that note, looking for something for your kitty? Find some amazing cat products here.


Your cat is your meow-buddy

Loving Cat

If you tend to be sad, you feel the need to communicate your emotions to your cat. They are an outlet for your emotions, venting out in front of them makes you feel better. Hence, language is no barrier for you.


You Throw Your Cat a Birthday Party


This doesn’t even need an explanation. Cat birthday parties are the real deal, from food to decorations, you have everything planned like a grand scheme in your head.

Now that you are sure how ardent a cat person you are, we are sure you want to cuddle up with your little kitty all the more. Go on, have a good time.

Happy Parenting!

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