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Dog Training Commands At Home!


Often, having an access to a professional dog trainer may not be easy, but that shouldn’t stop you from your dog training goals for your furballs. But before you start, remember!

“The foundation of training is based on correction and reward. Correction should never be harsh or angry, and should never involve physical punishment such as spanking or hurting your dog. All you need is your voice: A firm ‘No!’ is enough correction for most puppies. A reward is simply anything your dog likes a lot”

-American Kennel Club.

Here are five basic commands that you can teach your dog on your own



dog fetch toys

Pro Tip: You need two things- dog treats for training, secondly, choose the right toys. You don’t want the toys to break into pieces as soon as you start your dog training sessions, so opting for sturdy toys is the solution. Go for rope or leather toys instead of the plastic ones as these are not only easily destructible but, can be harmful if your dog ends up swallowing any piece of it.


  1.  Chasing- Encourage your dog to chase the toy to be fetched. Use the command “FETCH”/ “FETCH IT” when they go to grab the toy. Reward them with a  treat of their choice, then take the object away. Repeat this a few times.
  2. If this does not go as expected in the first, try holding your dog back firmly yet gently with their collar once you’ve thrown the toy. This increases the curiosity in them to fetch the item thrown.
  3. Retrieving- If your dog doesn’t bring the toy back, use another toy as a bait. Lure them with the toy & when the dog comes to you and drops the first toy, throw it again and use the command “FETCH”, “FETCH IT” so that they know what are they supposed to do when a certain item is thrown and the command is used.

With this, you’ll achieve step one of dog training! Now coming to the second…


Dog Stay Command


  1. Use the command “STAY” in a steady tone and extend your arm out with your palms facing forwards.
  2. Wait for a few seconds until your dog does the desired action on the command.
  3. If the dog does not follow the command and fails to do the required action, repeat the command emphatically until your dog does as supposed to. When they do, reward them.

Step two of dog training, check!


dog sit command


  1. Take a treat and hold it above your dog’s head. Don’t give it yet! Let them follow it. Now take it behind their nose so they have to move their head backward.
  2. This will force your dog to place their bottom on the floor and the moment they do so, give them the treat and pat them. While doing so, use the command “SIT”.

Hurray, step three of dog training, check!


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 Lie Down




  1. Hold a treat in your hand, tell your dog to sit and let them sniff. Don’t give it yet.
  2. Gradually lower the treat to the floor so that your dog’s nose is pointing down between their paws. If your dog stands up, do the whole process again. As soon as their elbows touch the floor, praise your dog and reward them.

Step 4 of dog training, thus check!

Shake Hands

dog hand shake training



  1. Hold out your hand, palm facing upwards at a height close to your dog’s knee level.
  2. Wait. Your dog will do different actions like licking your palm, sniffing it, might as well place their paw on your palm. The moment they do it, reward them, praise them and use the desired command, “Shake Hand”.

Voila! You are done with all 5 smart commands of dog training, now all you gotta do is try them at home! For assistance, you could also see some dog training videos.

Remember, the process of training is not a one day task, dog training needs regular practice and patience & definitely your dog’s favourite treat.


You will be surprised to know what dog treats can do!

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