Furry Wellness: Here’s How Cats Help You Become Healthy

Your pet cat can be the most adorable being ever, but you would be surprised to know that felines hide something more extraordinary. They exhibit distinct character traits similar to human behavior-well,  just a tad bit more special.

No wonder they understand us better than we do. And with that understanding comes their natural ability to improve our health and well-being.

Let us count the ways that cats help us become healthy. Smile if you agree! 🙂

Cleanliness Freaks

cats cleaning

When it comes to personal hygiene, there is no contest! They obviously have an obsession with cleanliness. They use their barbed tongue to lick and comb through their fur and dig out the dirt with their teeth.

They moisten their paws with saliva to wash their faces. Cats actually spend most of their waking hours grooming themselves and other cats as well.

Even feral cats (wild-living domestic cats that avoid human contact) cover their waste without any training.

When your cat suddenly poops outside the litter box, it’s probably time to clean it. Trust your pet to tell you that having a clean environment translates to a healthy body.

Immunity Boosters

cats and children

Exposure to cat’s fur at a young age can help boost immunity against allergens, thereby reducing the risk of developing allergies and asthma.

According to a recent study, children who have a dog or cat in the first year of their life grew healthier and have fewer respiratory infections compared to children who grew up without pets at home.

When a pet brings in microbes, it triggers the immune system to build up resistance so as the person matures, he/she is already armed and ready to fight off these germs.

Power Nappers

sleeping cats

Actually, cats do more than a nap. With an all familiar lounging position, they sleep 12-16 hours a day.

Cats are a constant reminder for us to slow down and catch some zzzz’s. Any health advisory would tell you that sleep allows the body to recharge, repair organ systems, and grow muscle. It also lets the brain

process and retain a whole lot of information.

It is believed that a cat’s rhythmic breathing promotes relaxation and improve sleep.

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Heart Warriors


Cats Heart

Cats are known to lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases in humans.

Touching, petting, and stroking a cat can calm your nerves, thus, regulating your heart rate. It also stimulates the release of chemicals called cytokines. In turn, these chemicals signal the brain to release endorphins a word we often hear.

Endorphins relieve stress the common cause of heart disease.

Furry Stress-Busters

Cats Stress Busters

Besides helping fight stress, cats also lend a hand in managing our stress levels.

Cats are such gentle creatures but they can be fiercely independent. They aren’t needy and can take care of themselves on their own. You can even leave them alone for days with just supplying food, water, and litter box.

This saves you time, money, and energy; hence, giving you more “me-time” to do the things you love and make you more productive.

Physical activities are proven to combat stress. Hit the gym, do some yoga or swim a few laps.

Cats the “Musical”


A cat’s purring sound is known to heal broken bones, muscles, and tendons. Wow! That right there deserves a treat.

Believe it or not, purr vibrations emit a frequency from 20-140 kHz that is medically therapeutic for bone and muscle growth, fractures, joint, and tendon repair. This would support the idea of how cats heal quickly from their own broken bones. Purring serves as their way of self-healing.

This can also explain why cats have fewer cases of poor bone conditions compared to dogs, for example.

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A Dose of the Happy Pill

Cute cats

Cats can be quite the entertainer with their playful antics. They would move between your legs, chase toys around or simply plop down on your lap. There’s nothing more uplifting than your pet cuddling up to you for a bit of affection.

A survey was conducted with 7,000 Internet users on cat-related media.  Results showed that bingeing on cat videos can improve your mood and leave the participants feeling happy and gay.

The Strong But Silent Type


Cats are often tagged as aloof or indifferent but they are actually great companion animals. They’re pretty sensitive of human emotions and perceptive to a person’s facial expressions.

With this ability, they can give tremendous emotional support when needed. This unspoken communication between cat and owner can pull one out from depression and lead to great companionship.

The list goes on. There are far more ways feline pets benefit our health, making it one of the 40 reasons to own cats.

Indeed, there’s more to cats than having amazing eyes and being cute. Experience, reality, and science prove that!

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