Animals as Christmas Gift

Gifting animals this Christmas? Here’s what you must know!

Holidays are here!! We all know this season is the most beautiful time of the year. During this time, the hearts of people are filled with excitement and joy as Christmas brings them together. Everyone spends some quality time with their loved ones during this holiday season. And what better than to gift goodies to your near & dear ones and show some affection? 
Usually, people opt for home decor stuff, eatables, and others, but animals are on the top of the gifting list. These days, people prefer to gift little furballs to their dearest ones as they are little sunshines, who lighten up the lives.

But, before giving these little babies as gifts, have you ever get a thought that whether the recipient can take up the responsibility or do they really want a pet for themselves?

So, before planning to give an animal as a gift to any of your known, please keep these points in mind:

Is the recipient ready?

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If a new pet is your gifting idea this Christmas, then you should know whether the recipient is ready to take up the responsibility of it or not.
Caring for animals is a huge responsibility, and they should never be left secluded.
Many people who receive animals as gifts, later realize they’re unable to make the lifelong commitment of loving & taking care of their new animal companions.
Other than this, some recipients don’t actually want to keep a pet, but for the sake of their relationship with the givers, they accept them. But, these pets never receive the love & affection they deserve from their keepers. In the end, these pets end up in shelter homes or left on the streets or some isolated place.
So, before making up your mind to gift an animal to someone, make sure that the person has a will for the lifelong commitment of taking care.

Know their preference!

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Choosing an animal as a gift for someone can be a bit challenging if you don’t exactly know what is their spirit animal, it can be a furry dog, a feline, a chirpy birdie or maybe some other species. So, if you are gifting them one, make sure it should be the one recipient loves.
In most cases, people gift animals according to their will, without even knowing what the recipient actually wants and later these little animals bear the consequences

Remember!! companion animals are meant to be loved and a small step towards this direction will help the little animal to find a place in its new home & the keeper’s heart.

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Don’t give a ‘gift’ of debt!


 animals christmas gift
Before gifting a pet to your loved one, always keep in mind that this ‘gift’ shouldn’t turn out as debt for them. Always check does the person have space, time, and money to care for an animal?
Caring for an animal companion requires a lifelong commitment, which could go on for over 20 years.
Costs can add up quickly, not only for food but also for vet visits and emergency care whenever these animals fall ill or met with some accident.
These little fellas also deserve a good life, food and some room to play. Their life should be filled with lots of care and affection. So, check before you opt them as gifts.

Give a home to the homeless, rise for the stray!

Rise for Strays

After taking note of all the above-mentioned points, if you decide to gift an animal to someone who is willing to take good care of a little baby, you should prefer a shelter animal, instead of buying it from a shop. Adopt, don’t shop!
In this way, you will give a home to a stray animal, and all the love and care it deserves. Make this festival special for someone searching for love!

Merry Christmas!!

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