How To Get The Hamster Training Right?

Hamsters are cute, yes! However, you will be interested to know that they are as smart as adorable. So why not utilize their intelligence and train them well?


Let us guide you through these Hamster training tips and some commands you could teach them:

Hop on hands

Hamster Training

Teaching your Hamster to hop on your hands when called can be exciting yet tricky!

  1. If they’re in their cage, getting them out of it is obviously step one. Hamster food is a good bait and should be used as a reward for an effective Hamster training.
  2. Extend your palm in a way to encourage them to climb on your hands. While you do this, use command ‘HOP’.
  3. When your Hamster comes to you, reward them with the treat.



Hamster Training

This is a fun little trick that you can teach your little one in a very short time. Keep the Hamster food/treat handy, of course!!

  1. Make your Hamster sit on a surface and you sit right in front of them.
  2. Next, show them the treat you have and say “STAND”. Raise the treat above your Hamster’s head once they start inspecting it. When they follow the item, stop and praise them by patting and saying the word “GOOD” before you give them the treat.
  3. Repeat this trick and raise the treat a little more. They might even stand at once. Recognize the time your Hamster executes the command correctly and remember to say the word ‘GOOD’.

Practising this trick with your Hamster a couple times a day will speed up their learning process. Hamster training can become easier if you use their favourite food to motivate them.

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Hamster Training

This Hamster training command can be carried out even when your furry kiddo is not in the cage.

  1. Hold the treat in your hand and wait for your Hamster to approach you. Once they are close, say the command “CIRCLE”.
  2. Then move your hand in a circular motion so that your Hamster follows the motion of your hand. Repeat the command “CIRCLE” in the process. Once they make a circle, give them the treat.
  3. Repeat these steps every day.


*Note- The Hamster treat is implemented just to motivate them to execute the commands. Try the commands without a treat after some time to ensure they have learned well.



Hamster Training

  1. Depending upon the size of your Hamster, you’ll need a hoop that has a four-inch diameter, or a dimension relatively close to that size.
  2. Begin by holding the hoop in front of your Hamster in such a way that it touches the bottom of their cage. Call their name while holding a treat on the other side of the hoop in your other hand and say the command “JUMP”. Pat them when they actually do that and reward them.
  3. Hamster training can become difficult in this case if your kiddo does not come forward or moves away from the hoop. You could give them a cupped hand nudge to help them through the hoop. Don’t forget to say the word “GOOD” and praise them every time they move forward.


Hamster Training

Harness training- before you begin this, remember to be very gentle and patient with harness training as this can hurt your Hamster if done wrong. The harness you choose should fit your pet snugly and needs to be very secure. You could opt for a velcro since a buckle could harm your little kiddo’s spine. The leash employed for the purpose should be lightweight and made of soft material.

*Note- Ensuring Hamster care should always be your priority. Never use a collar or tie a thread around their tiny necks.


Litter box

Hamster Training

Do you know your Hamster can also be trained to defecate in a litter box!

Yes!! but, a litter box is not always reliable since they tend to use it depending upon their will. So, you should use the following approach when you train them to use the litter box:

  1. Place the litter box in that spot in your Hamster’s cage where they excrete more often. Along with a few faecal pellets, put a handful of hay inside the box.

This will need your constant observation and patience. Teaching them where should they litter is a time-consuming process but a little appreciation from your end should do the trick.

P.S. Do not force the training if your Hamster seems uninterested or stops being a part of the teaching process, begin again the next day. Remember, training is also a part of effective Hamster care and you need to practice patience all through the process.


Happy Petting!

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