Separation Anxiety in Dogs: How to deal with the situation?

Dogs are no less than toddlers. They get tensed if the guardian is not around and may start behaving weird. Have you ever seen your dog behaving weirdly? Or does your dog come in the way when you leave your place? You have also seen him getting over-excited when you come back, isn’t it?

If these things are happening with your dog, he has huge separation anxiety.

Dealing with such situations isn’t that tedious as it may sound. 

What is Separation Anxiety?

As said above, dogs are no less than babies and get stressed out in the absence of their master/guardian. After sighting them, they may get super excited and could harm themselves or the master or damage things (furniture, doors, mats, etc.). This is also one of the reasons why people let their pet go away or leave them somewhere or handover to others. This situation needs correct measures, time, and proper efforts to get controlled.

Why do they feel Anxiety? What are the Symptoms?

Anxiety may have several reasons. Misbehaving dogs should not be considered as mentally unstable (as most of us may think of). There’s always a reason behind their behaviour. Some of them are:

  • Shifting from one place to another
  • Ownership transfer
  • Left alone all of a sudden
  • Owner or family member’s demise
  • Improper schedule

Now, during such instances, a dog may behave as follows

  • Bark without any reason
  • Scratches doors and windows
  • Keep looking outside
  • Won’t consume food properly
  • Defecate or salivate more often than usual
  • May try to run away


Get Creative:

The panacea to any anxiety is keeping that individual busy in something. If someone is getting bored or is fed up doing the same thing for a long time, he/she may need something interesting; it could be a puzzle, a TV show, mild walk, new dish, short/long call with an old friend, etc. Same is the case with dogs. It is always advisable to keep your dog busy doing something. For this, one can use a puzzle or a dummy companion. Also, toys filled with edible items is a great remedy to keep your dog busy. 

filled with edible items is a great remedy to keep your dog busy. 

Consult Your Vet:

If your attempts of keeping them busy aren’t working, get your dog to a vet and let them examine thoroughly. There may be some chances of old wrong medicinal/allergic syndrome. Most of the times this factor remains neglected and the pet keeps suffering. It is a must for every pet owner to not rely upon just one vet and keep visiting different medical practitioners. 

Let them go Independent (More Efforts Required):

Now as you know that your dog becomes impatient in your absence, try to bring your absence in his/her routine. To initiate this, try getting disappeared from his sight for 10 min (say). For this, you may need not to leave your house and the test can be carried out by just moving to another room or kitchen. Keep practicing this for a couple of days and keep increasing the time from 10 min. to 1 hour, and raising it further to 5 hours and eventually 9-10 hours (usual office timings). 

Missing each other is a two-way process. As your pet is missing you, you might also be missing him/her too at office/work, and hence, a lot of excitement blows out when you meet in the evening. This may relax you both but isn’t good for your dog. Try ignoring your dog or sit aside on a couch when you return home. Reflex will happen and your dog starts getting less nervous during your absence. 

Follow these steps in your routine and things will work out.

Write to us if you have any issue with it or you would like to share any specific incident/tip with us.  

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