Things you can expect from PetSutra’s new website!


Imagine a platform that provides the best products tailored according to your pets’ needs; understands your pet parenting concerns and provides the required solution; allows you to share your stories and let you express the kind of relationship you enjoy with your pet.

That’s what our recently launched website, is about. It is crafted in a way to help you, as a pet parent, in a successful and happy upbringing of your pets.




All About PetSutra:

“PetSutra started with a vision to create an ecosystem for pet parents helping them to take care of their precious pets to the best of their means,” expresses Amol Sharma, founder of PetSutra.

So what can you expect from Let us guide you through.


Information on pet parenting

Pet Parenting


There’s more to pet parenting than just providing them with a couple meals and a generous playtime every day. While these are good traits of responsible pet parenting, you have certain responsibilities towards your pet as well. Like there are some prerequisites concerning a child’s upbringing, so is the case when you welcome home a pet. So, we will provide you with the much-needed information regarding pet parenting which also happens to be the key to being the best pet parent.


Pet parenting concerns

Pet Parenting

While parenting, you come across many concerns such as separation anxiety in your pets or aggression towards other pets or humans among many others. Such concerns might become a hindrance in the way of developing a healthy bond with your pals. Although it might seem like a challenge to help your pet through certain difficulties, will be your guide to get you through all the pet parenting concerns and thus develop a healthy bond with your pets.


Pet food

Pet Food

Nutrition is the basis for a healthy life. While the market is flooded with various types of pet foods, it sure gets difficult to choose the right kind of food, esp one that is nutritionally adequate. Worry not, we bring to you a wide collection of pet foods and treats meant to suit the nutritional requirements of your pet. Be it frozen or dry food, chew treats or others name it, and we have it all.

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Pet toys

Pet Toys

Toys are not mere playable objects; they fulfill a bigger purpose. They help in mental and physical stimulation, double up as effective tools for behavior modification and help in building a healthy bond between you and your furry friends. So, whether you are away from them or with them you can choose the independent and interactive toys respectively, while the former is meant to keep them engaged when they are alone, the latter is meant for both of you to have a good play time together, which makes sure that you can make the most of the time spent together. Not toys, but good quality toys is what you need. Petsutra offers you a wide range of quality toys that have been designed keeping in mind the size, breed and the need of your pets.

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Pet accessories

Pet Accessories

There are certain things that are essential for your pets as they grow. Besides providing your pet with healthy food, you want to ensure that your pet has all the needed accessories such as collars, leashes, grooming essentials and so on. Be it a vacation, a visit to the local market or their daily needs, these basic accessories complement their behaviour and lifestyle needs and we bring you a wide variety of accessories to choose from.


Expert opinion

Upbringing a pet isn’t as easy as it looks when you observe others. It needs patience, lots of love and care, empathy and most importantly the ‘right approach.’ This approach is what we bring to you in the form of expert opinions, related to various aspects of pet parenting including behaviour, nutrition, training and basic lifestyle needs of a pet. Let our experts guide you through all the fragments of pet parenting, esp if you are parenting a pet for the first time.


Humans of PetSutra

Save animals

Experiences boost our sense of belonging and make our life interesting. We believe that every experience, every story fulfills a specific purpose and sends a unique message. Humans of PetSutra is a very special part of that allows you to share your own experiences with your pet. This sharing can potentially help and encourage other pet parents in a healthy upbringing of their pets. Thus, Humans of Petsutra, in a way is a platform meant for the pet parents community to learn from other’s experiences and grow better in terms of parenting, each day.

“The journey will be long, and it’s just the beginning, but I would like to thank the friends, the investors who expressed faith in our belief, colleagues, mentors and the 18,000 pet parents who have helped us facilitate our vision. May the ecosystem thrive, and many more like-minded people join us. We want to celebrate each and every moment you spend with your pet and be a part of those moments so that we may cherish the memories in the long run”, shares Amol.

If you are reading this blog, we are sure you are a loving parent who intends to provide a healthy life to your pet in every possible manner. PetSutra aims to complement this affection of yours for your pets, and our website is crafted just to do that- a one-stop platform for all your pets’ needs.

Happy Parenting!

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