Indian breed dogs

Why Indian Dogs are No Less Than Foreign Dogs?


Sadly, the very reason for preferring foreign dog breeds over Indian dogs roots back to the colonial ideas of beauty and status symbol. But we have come a long way from that era and such notions need to be changed. So, let’s first acquaint you with our Indie breeds so that you know about them better.

  1. The native Indian dog breeds are better suited for living in the warm tropical climate compared to certain other foreign dog breeds, for obvious reasons.
  2. It is a popular belief that an Indian dog can be unexpectedly violent. However, what most people fail to understand is that the Indies out on the streets often react in accordance with the sense of self-protection, because they have learned to fend for themselves. A dog’s behaviour and reaction also depend on the environment that they are exposed to. Animal abuse, starvation are few factors that they often deal with.
  3. Indian dog breeds are not or barely exposed to inbreeding, unlike many other foreign breeds who are victims of inbreeding for a breeder’s business. This process causes certain characteristics (positive/negative) to be amplified. In many cases, genetic disorders tend to pass on to the next generations.



For this very reason, the Indie breeds are less prone to health issues or major diseases since their genes have not tampered.

Indian breed dogs

*Just in case you are wondering what INBREEDING is? it is the process of mating the closely related beings, in this case, dogs.

  • Indian dogs have a very good immune system because they are well adapted to the Indian climate. Therefore, the lesser the health issues, the more is the lifespan!


  • Their dietary needs are very simple. However, some precautionary measures are common for every dog such as refraining from feeding sugar or too much salt among other things.


  • Their grooming needs are basic too. Since they are short haired, they do not need expensive spas and haircut services, unlike some long-haired foreign dog breeds. Regular playtime, healthy diet and lots of love are good enough for them.



The underlying message here is, love dogs, not the breeds or their ethnicity. Indian dog or foreign dog breeds, we believe each dog is equally beautiful and skilled, their behaviour depends on their upbringing. Underestimating a particular type of breed is just plain cruelty, which the innocent beings must not be subjected to.

Happy Parenting!

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